Allow us to introduce Kingdom Mattress Factory. We are a local, independent, manufacturer of quality mattresses and box springs. Kingdom Mattress Factory along with its preceding company has been in business for 20 years and the staff has 25 years of combined experience.


As a small manufacturer we have the ability to tailor our product to meet your specific needs. We use quality materials to ensure that you get the product you want, and your patrons get the sleep you want to give them.


As an example of what we can put together for you consider the following. A queen size mattress set consisting of a spring core with a 390 coil count, 13 gauge steel which provide an excellent combination of strength and support. The springs are then topped with fiber pad, a layer of foam to provide comfort, and a quilted damask cover to finish it off. Situated on a Semi Flex foundation to maximize mattress performance and durability the mattress set is complete.



You need to consider choices when looking for a mattress.

Come and check out one of own custom mattresses today!


For more information about these and other products contact us at 604-824-1155 or email at